The Known World

Myrinthia is an island continent which exists in the center of a quasi-plane that is also a hurricane of unmeasurable size and strength.

There are two seasons on Myrinthia: The Tidal Season (Tides) and the Storm Season (Storms). During the Tidal season temperatures rise from about 45 degrees to 110, and the tides are friendly to shipping and fishing. During the Storm Season, the eye of the Great Storm cntracts, and freezing rainstorms become progressively longer and more extreme, before tapering off. Very little travel is done after the third month of the Storm Season due to the severity of the storms.

Because it exists south of Yldora’s equator, Myinthia gets colder the further south One goes, as opposed to many unknown worlds, which seem to be located to the north of thier equator.

Myrinthia is a melting pot of different cultures and species, all living together in a quasi-plane which is connected to several different Unknown Worlds. During the last several millenia the Great Storm has made magical and nonmagical entry into Myrinthia all but impossible. The Ziertrahda and thier Zythrian masters also insured that no creature entered the world unless it was enslaved to them. For the past couple of centuries, however, there has been an ebb in the Great Storm, and with that, magical entry has become possible. The great Storm still likes to chew up fleets of ships and spit them out, but more sailors are starting to wash up on the shores of the Known World alive.

This, along with steamcraft and remnants of the Old Magic of the Great Age of the Anshahnii are making this era one of the greatest to live in.

Social Values:

The Pharaoh is the supreme ruler of all human lands. Unlike on Earth, where the Romans conquered the Egyptions, the Romans on this world serve the Pharaoh, along with this world’s equivalent to the Vikings and Japanese.

Trust is earned, not bestowed.

One does not mention politics or religion, and One does not mention the Ziertrahda unles they are in the Military and searching for any known members of the Ziertrahda.

Barbarians are not to be trusted. It was the Barbarian tribes of the mountains who formed the first Ziertrahda Death-Armies. Orc Barbarians still ravage human settlements with impunity.

Views on other races:

There are still some humans who distrust or outright dislike non-human races, but these are becoming increasingly rare.

the non-human races (dwarves, elves, halflings,orcs and dragons) tend to be more open towards other races, but there are still some that hold long standing distrust or dislike of humans. Although outright war is forbidden, skirmishes do happen along the borderlands, especially with orcs and ogres.

The Known World

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