World History

Myrinthia’s history is divided into 5,000 year periods known as Great Ages, or Aeuns. At the end of ever Aeun, the Pantheons of Light and Darkness get together to discuss all the major events that happened during that Aeun. And then they look forward and come up with a name for the following Aeun, based on future trends. Unfortunately, due to purges by the Ziertrahda and other ravages of the Great Age of Chaos, there is precious little to go by. Rumor is that every book ever written can be found in Nel Ensena, but it is questionable that the mythical elvin city even exists.

I Great Age of Creation:
The Known World is created. The Children: Hymahnii (Humans) Syvlvahnii (Elves) Darzahnii (Dwarves and gnomes) Tahrfahnii (Halflings) Tyrahnii (Tyrons) and Ograhnii (Ogres, Orcs and Goblinoids) are brought to Myrinthia, which was originally made to be a sanctuary for these, the favored races of the Pantheon of Light and the Pantheon of Darkness. There is no other knowledge regarding this Aeun.

II: Great Age of Peace:
Wars between Ograhnii and Sylvahnii become commonplace as the two seek to wipe each other out. Hymahnii, having always been conflicted, splits into two factions: Followers of Ligt and Followers of darkness. To prevent further bloodshed, a new race of the Children appear: The Anshahnii. The Pantheon of Light and the Pantheon of Darkness ally with the Anshanii at first, but the Pantheon of Darkness, under the leadership of a new god named Sartog, betray and murder half the Anshahnii in one night. The other half either flee or stay behind and die.

III: Great Age of Chaos:
When the last Anshanii leaves the Known World, the Gods of the Pantheon of Light bind Sartog and punish him for His terrible deed. They send him and most of his followers to the lowest of the Nine Hells. Sartog is bound to an iron crown that he cannot touch himself. Anyone who possesses the crown can order him to do anything. Denizens of the Nine Hells and followers all fight constantly for this crown.

When not in service to one of the millions of fiendish denizens of the Nine Hells, Sartog begins sending followers back to Myrinthia is small numbers, mostly to recruit others. Ohgrahnii eventually are sent back to Myrinthia, but they are a changed people. Although always militant and somewhat callous, they are now brutal and animalistic, having reverted back to an animal state.

Humans go through a dark age as Sartog’s followers gain power. All non-humans leave the human lands and establish thier own protections. Hymahnii’s Dark age lasts 2500 years. During this time Empires ruled by Wizard-Kings, Emperors and self-proclaimed Demigods rise and fall, but none of them last more than 350 years. Paladins and Clerics of Light have all but gone into hiding.

A small group of Paladins arises around the year 4400 A/C and begins a lifetime of quests and good deeds, which begins to win back the loyalty and trust of non-humans. They are known as the Last of the 12. All of them die after careers that last no longer than 40 years, but thier sons establish the first Quorum of the 12. They establish the First Dynasty, which lasts 22 years and is ended by poison and disease.

The Tagylyd Empire is founded and lasts 112 years. The Tagylyds were well known for thier distrust of non-humans and for thier talents at hunting dragons. They in turn are assassinated by Zythrian loyalists.

The Second Dynasty is established and lasts 220 years. It is ended by asssassination. The Second Dynasty was tireless in working to keep peaceful relations between humans and non-humans. The Horvat Empire lays claim to the human lands but only lasts for 120 years.

The Third Dynasty is established through the help of sympathetic elves, dwarves and halflings.

Elves, Dwarves and Halflings, along with other species now living in the Known World start trading with humans, and then start to build new alliances.

IV: Great Age of Reason:

The year at the time of this writing is 255 A/R

The Third Dynasty now rules the Human Lands. It has been in power for 350 years thanks to a secret alliance with the Black Dragon Sect and a standing bounty on all Zythrians. Steamcraft has been established as a legitimate science, along with engineering. Anshahnii ruins that remained hidden for over 5,000 years are starting to reappear, and Ziertrahda loyalists still roam the seas and the highways, looking for easy prey.

World History

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